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16th October 2019

The children and staff left promptly at 9.30am this morning. They were very excited as they waved goodbye. They arrived at Haybay Barge just after 11am today. After lunch they began their first set of activities - swings and zipwire. After dinner they will be going on a night walk around the surrounding area. Great weather to a great start. 

16th October - first day at Haybay

We’ve all had a great afternoon either zip lining or on the giant swing. The instructors are very impressed with our teamwork and some of us have conquered some of our fears already!

We all made our beds - some of us for the very first time ever! We had dinner - jacket potatoes with filling before we set out on our night walk.

We’re all excited to find our way back to the barge using our torches, maps and Walkie talkies.  And we think that we’ll get a very good sleep. 


17th October 2019

The children and staff made their own lunches before heading off to their second activity for the day. There were lots of screaming down the zip wire especially from the staff!!! All are having a go and are very determined to try new activities with encouragement and support from each other. Everyone is excited and are looking forward to making pizzas and chips for dinner tonight. 

18th October 2019

Last night the children made pizzas and chips and played some team games. They have really enjoyed their time together and working with each other  - teamwork has been essential to make ths trip so successful. 

The children have already packed and are now participating in their final activity.  They will be having lunch and leaving Haybay around 1.30pm. We are expecting them to return to school before the end of school day.  We are all looking forward to seeing everyone and wish them a safe journey home. There will be lots of hugs and kisses on their return. We will send further updates in the afternoon. 

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