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YR2: 2TA & 2AS

Summer term 2018 topic 'Sea, Sand and Shore'

Tuesday 17th April 2018 : Year 2 Stunning start, come dressed in beach party wear. Remember to wear your normal school shoes and bring your flip flops in a bag.

YR2: 2TA & 2AS

Homework Project Spring Term 2018


YR2: 2TA & 2AS

What a busy week! Check out Year 2 gallery for the World Book day photographs.

Year 2 Home  learning- Wednesday 7th March  2018  : Please complete the following tasks;

  • 2 digit addition and HTU in maths work books.
  • Fill in the  missing full stops and commas sheet.
  • Reading home reading book
  • Bring in fabric for hot waterbottle project.

Remember home learning books on Monday and sign your child's reading record book please.




YR2: 2TA & 2AS

Year 2 Home  learning- Wednesday 28th February 2018  : Please complete the following tasks;

  • Fraction practice in maths work books.
  • Spellings
  • Reading home reading book
  • Bring in fabric for hot waterbottle project.

Remember home learning books on Monday and sign your child's reading record book please.



Year 2 Home Learning – Friday 17th November 2017


The children will be creating art  using a variety of techniques - painting, drawing, collage and printing. They will be creating a piece based on fireworks.  We have looked at pictures of fireworks for Diwali and Bonfire Night.

We would like the children to collect and bring in some of the following materials:

brightly coloured sweet wrappers, beads, pipe cleaners, newspaper, foil, tissue paper, bits of fabric, straws.

Your child needs to bring their materials in on Monday 13th November in a bag that is labelled with their name. 

Home learning - Friday 10th November 2017

Use the pictures to talk about fire safety with your family.  Write simple commands (instructions).   Use a bossy verb at the beginning of each command. E.g:  Make a fire plan. 

Write your commands in your homework book.  Please use just one page a week for your homework.

Remember to learn your spellings.

Year 2 Home Learning – Friday 3rd November 2017

This week we have been measuring length. Use the ruler sent home to measure the length of objects at home. Try to find things that are shorter than 10cm and things that are longer or taller than 10cm. Write the objects and their measurements in your purple home learning book. 

Remember to learn your spellings.  Practise writing them in your home learning book. 

Bring your book back to school by Wednesday.

Black History Week - What a fantastic week we've had!

Home Learning - Friday 20th October 2017

Continue making your houses and bring them in after half-term.

Practise reading and writing common exception words. Don’t forget to learn your spellings.

Practise addition on a number line using the J10 (jump 10) strategy.  Count on in ones after the jumps of 10.  Some children might want to practise T10 (target 10) where they can use their number bonds to jump to the nearest multiple of 10 first.

Home learning: Friday 13th October 2017

Help your child to make a model of a house from the time of 'The Great Fire of London' (1666).  You can use cardboard, boxes, lollipop sticks etc.  Think about what you might use to show the flames.  Look at the pictures below for ideas.  The children need to bring their models in on Monday 30th October 2017.


Number bonds of 10 rhyme

Home learning - Friday 6th October 2017

Number bonds challenges - complete the sheets sent home.

Practise spellings sent home.

2TA: Art work inspired by the Artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Home Learning - Friday 22nd September 2017

Nouns are naming words, e.g.: park, dog and table. Adjectives are describing words, e.g.: shiny, big and tall. Find nouns and adjectives in your reading book.

Red Riding Hood was walking through the dark forest.  She spotted a grey wolf hiding behind a tree.

Remember to practise your spellings!

Home Learning - Friday 15th September 2017

  • Collect objects such as twigs, conkers, acorns and leaves.  Bring them to school to use them in our art sessions over the next few weeks.
  • Learn your spellings.  Write the words in sentences.
  • Practise your handwriting.  Write out your spellings using the new handwriting font. 
  • Read your book.  Talk about it.

Parent Curriculum Letter - Autumn 2017

Home Learning - Friday 30th June 2017

Home Learning - Friday 26th May

Continue to practise reading and spelling words that have previously been sent home. Write the words in sentences.

Please collect containers, boxes, sticks, straws, shiny paper, sandpaper, card etc. Bring them into school on Tuesday 6th June. Children will use them to make musical instruments during Science Week.

Home Learning - 12th May 2017

Practise reading the time to o'clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to and the nearest 5 minute interval

Use the clock below to practise telling the time

Home learning - Friday 5th May 2017

Complete your sleep diary (sent home on Tuesday 2nd May).  Talk with your parents about how much sleep you get and what you do to get ready for bed.  Bring your sleep diary back to school on Monday 8th May - we will be talking about them during our PSHE lesson next week.

Children are ready to learn if they have had at least 10 hours sleep.  Year 2 children should be in bed by 8pm at the latest!

Spend some time learning your times tables - x2, x3, x5 and x10.  Continue to learn how to read and spell the common exception words.

Home learning - Friday 28th April

The children need to complete the maths sheets sent home.  Encourage them to do them independently.

Home learning - Friday 21st April 2017

Next week we are going to look at measures. Practice reading the scales in the kitchen or bathroom for weight (g, kg).  Use a measuring jug to measure capacity (ml, l).  Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the length or height of objects around your home (cm, m).

Dear Parents/Carers,

Just a reminder of the FUN activities your child could be involved with at the local Redbridge library. 

A few of the regular ongoing clubs and activities available are:

Chess and games clubs and Reading Buddies throughout the Spring and Summer Terms.


During the Summer half term there will also be some maths activities to explore in a fun way

  • Number Bonds (31st May - 10.30 to 11.30am)  
  • Times Tables (30th May - 11.30am to 12.30pm)  




Find more information on this website.


Home learning - Friday 31st March 2017

Complete the maths and grammar activities sent home.

Continue to practise reading and spelling the common exception words.

Continue to practise the number bonds, doubles and times tables sent home in previous weeks.

Most importantly - Make time to have fun with your family.

Have a great holiday!

Dear Parents/Carers,


If you would like to help your child to sew their hot water bottle cover, please see 

Mrs Partridge and Miss Ahmed to book in a time slot.

Each Year 2 class has their own day to sew. Please see the days below: 

2CP are sewing on Wednesday 29th March 2017 

2TA are sewing on Thursday 30th March 2017 

We look forward to seeing you take this opportunity to come in and share this experience with your child. 


Thank you 

Home Learning - 25th March 2017

Continue to read and spell the common exception words.

Enjoy spending Sunday with your Mum/Carer. 

Home Learning - 17th March 2017

Use your knowledge of inverse operations (+ & -) (x & ÷) to find 3 for free.  

e.g. 5 x 10 = 50        

10 x 5 = 50        

50 ÷ 10 = 5      

50 ÷ 5 = 10

Home Learning - Friday 17th March 2017

Home learning - 10th March 2017 Learn the doubles and halves of numbers to 20

Year 2 Common Exception Words

Parents - Please remember to come into school on Thursday 2nd March at 2.45pm to experience a class story time with your child.  We look forward to seeing you.

Home Learning - Friday 24th February 2017

Continue to practise the number bonds sent home before half term.  Also continue to practise reading and spelling the common exception words that have been sent home too.  Parents - the children need to be able to read and spell all of these words correctly.

Bring in a favourite book to share with your friends. 

Don't forget to finish making your costume for World Book Day on Thursday.  We're looking forward to seeing you all dressed up as your favourite book characters.

Finally - We were learning to round numbers to the nearest 10 this week.  The rounding rhyme will help you to remember what to do so why not have a go at rounding some numbers at home.

Rounding Rhyme

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 2017

Don't forget to get your costume ready!  It would be great if you could wear something that is homemade.  We're looking forward to seeing what you all come as.  Most of all we're looking forward to celebrating reading.

Number Day 10.2.17 - Year 2 enjoyed raising money for the NSPCC (The UK children's charity) by taking part in Number Day. We played number games, took part in number challenges, talked about the numbers significant to us and we even got a chance to play some bingo! 

You can find out more about the NSPCC and all the wonderful things they do to help support children around the UK. https://www.nspcc.org.uk/ 

Thank you for donating and helping your child dress up in number related clothing. Have a look at the photos below and see how many different numbers you can spot! 

Hot water bottle cover

Home Learning 10.2.17 - Learn all the number bonds for all numbers up to 10 and the related subtraction facts

Home learning - Friday 3rd February 2017

Keep practising the times tables (2, 5 and 10) and continue to learn to read and spell the common exception words.  Both have been sent home previously.  Y2 children need to know the times tables by heart and answer questions such as - How many 5s are in 30?  If I had 10 books and shared them between 5 children, how many books would each child have?   Y2 children also need to be able to read and spell all of the common exception words for Y1 and Y2.  They need to be able to read the words in the books that they read and they need to be able to spell them correctly in their writing.

NUMBERS DAY - We will be celebrating this on Friday 10th February.  We would like children to wear an item of clothing with numbers on it.  It would be great if you could use your imagination and try to wear as many numbers as possible.  You could make a hat with numbers on or wear lots of number badges.  We look forward to seeing your outfits.  Please bring in £1 which will be donated to the NSPCC to help children who are less fortunate than ourselves.  Thank you!

And finally...the Pyramids maths groups from both classes are invited to attend the maths workshop with one of their parents on Monday 6th February at 3.45pm.  Parents will have the opportunity to see what their child is learning in maths so that they can support them with their learning at home.

Home Learning - Friday 27th January 2017

Practise saying and writing sentences that include the following conjunctions:

and, but, or, if.

I went to the shop and bought some apples.

I like apples but I don't like pears.

You can play on the trampoline or ride your bike.

We can go to the beach if it stops raining.


Splat Square 1 - 100

Home learning - Friday 20th January 2017 Learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables

Home Learning - Friday 13th January 2017

Help your child to use the coins that they have brought home to make totals to 20p, 50p or £1.00.  If you have some real coins that they could use that would be even better!

Home Learning - 6.1.17 - Using the clock you took home a few weeks ago, practice making the following times.

Year 2 Curriculum Letter - Spring 2017

Home Learning - 16th December 2016

Learn to read and write the words that have been sent home.

Write the words in sentences.

Practise singing 'Now light one thousand Christmas lights' for the upcoming Christmas performance.


Now light one thousand Christmas lights

On dark earth here tonight;

One thousand, thousand also shine 

To make the dark sky bright.

Telling Time

Home Learning - 9th December 2016

Make a clock using the sheet and split pin provided.

Once you have made the clock, practise telling the time to the hour and half past.

Have a go at quarter past and quarter to. 

e.g. show me 3 o'clock,  show me half past 5, show me quarter past 6, show me quarter to 8 etc. 

Home Learning - Friday 2nd December 2016

Read a story with your parents.  Talk about who is in the story (characters) and what happened (events).  Did you both enjoy the story?  Why/why not? 

It would be great if you could visit the library to choose a book that you have never read before.  You could bring the library book to school for us all to enjoy during reading and story time.

Home Learning - Friday 25th November 2016

We have been learning about 'Respect'.  What does 'respect' look like?  Talk to your child about what they can do to show respect at home and at school.

Home Learning 18.11.16

Home Learning- 11.11.16

Use kitchen and bathroom scales to weigh objects. Use measuring jugs to measure liquid. Your child will need help to read the scales.

Home Learning - 4th November 2016

In Art we will be making firework/bonfire pictures. Please have a look at home and collect materials we could use for our pictures. E.g. shiny material, colourful sweet wrappers, foil, stickers, pictures of firework displays from a newspaper. 

Bring in your materials on Monday 7th November 2016. 

Home learning: Friday 21st October

Take your child to the library and share books about people who help us.

Black History Week: 17th – 21st October 2016

Year Two learnt about Jamaica and South Africa. We had a special visit from our very own Ms Pillay who told us all about growing up in South Africa under Apartheid.  We then learnt about Nelson Mandela and how he helped bring change to South Africa.

Later on in the week we learnt about Mary Seacole and her inspiring life looking after injured soldiers in the Crimean War. She never gave up despite people discriminating against her.

We also compared the weather in London, UK, Kingston, Jamaica and Johannesburg, South Africa. 

We had a lot of fun making our own traditional Zulu inspired jewellery and learning a traditional song called Tingalayo. In our PE session we were able to learn a traditional South African dance. It was an eerie yet amazing experience listening to the sounds made from the stomps and claps. We also had a chance to do some African drumming using the Djembe drums.

We had a fantastic Black History Week. Thank you to the parents, careers & visitors that were able to come in and enhance our children's learning. 

Mayfly Day


Home Learning: Friday 14th October 2016

Learn to read and spell the high frequency words on the sheet sent home today.

Children need to bring in a pair of wellington boots on Monday 17th October for some traditional South African dancing.

Home Learning: Friday 7th October 2016

Finish your models. Remember to bring them in on Friday 14th October.

Check out our year group page on the school website. 

Home Learning 23.9.16

Look for 2-digit numbers in the environment e.g. door numbers, on buses, digital clocks & road signs. 

Write down the numbers, in order, from the smallest to the largest value.

How many tens does each number have? How many units?

Gordon Primary School Handwriting Font

Parent Curriculum Letter Autumn 2016

Home Learning 9.9.16

Over the next two weeks we will be talking about people who inspire us. Talk to your child about who inspires you. We would like the children to bring in photos of a family member who inspires them. 

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