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Changes to photos on the website

Sports Day photos have been uploaded to the Gallery. Click on Gallery on the side bar -- Year One - '1TA' or 'ICR' to see what the children get up to during the week.

Home Learning - 29th June 2018

Home Learning 29.6.18

Test your child’s spelling of year one common exception words. Then ask your child to write a sentence (using a capital letter and full stop accurately) for each word.

There is a copy of the year one common exception words on the school website. Make sure your child is able to spell the words and also able to use the words correctly in a sentence.

If your child is confident with Y1 common exception words try your child with spelling Y2 common exception words (also on the website). 

Home Learning - 8th June 2018

This week during English, we have been learning about writing questions and statements. 

Have a go at deciding which punctuation mark is needed at the end of each sentence and then have a go at coming up with some of your very own. 

Phonics Home Learning - 25.5.18

In preparation for the upcoming phonics check please help your child practise reading real words and alien words. Remember you can always help your child improve their reading by reading with them everyday. Use this half term to take your child to the library and enjoy reading together. 

Home Learning - 18.5.18

Following our nature walk to South Park, we are asking children to go on a walk around a different park to see if they can find different types of leaves. Children have been given an identification sheet to help them on their walk.  We hope you have a fun time at the park with your family. Remember to take a ball, a bike or a scooter with you and enjoy the lovely weather. We will have a fun time sharing our findings on Wednesday 23rd May 2018. 

Home Learning - 4.5.18

This week we have been learning about telling the time to the hour and half past the hour. We have also learnt about postion and direction. Please help you child with their home learning this week and encourage your child to use the key vocabulary correctly. 

Some children will also have handwriting sheets sent home. This is for those childrent that need a little bit more practise with their letter formation. Please support your child with practising their handwriting at home and making sure they start at the correct starting point. 

Home Learning - 20.4.18

Easter Holiday Home Learning

Continue to practise learning and spelling the Y1 Common Exception Words

Y1 Maths - 2D Shape and 3D solid

This week in maths we are going to be revisiting 2D shapes and 3D solids. Below are some documents that you can use to help your child become confident with recognising and naming both 2D shape and 3D solids. 

Children tend to find 3D solids more trickier to remember, especially when it comes to counting the amount of vertices, edges and faces. We will be focusing on this at school this week and together we can ensure our children have the best starting point when it comes to recognising and naming 3D solids. 

Home Learning 16th March 2018 - Place Value

This week in maths we were learning about Place Value. The children were able to say how many tens and ones (units) there are in any given number. Practise this with your child at home. Continue to use the terms 'tens and ones' when looking at numbers as it will help your child gain a solid understanding of place value. 

You could show your child a 100 square and ask questions like:

E.g. I have four tens and 5 ones. Which number have I made? (45) 

World Book Day 2018 - Friday 9th March

World Book Day 2018 photos are available to view in the Y1 Gallery.

Thank you for helping your children dress up and take part in a fantastic day of promoting the love of reading! 

Home Learning - 23.2.18

This week in Maths we have been recalling our multiples of 2, 5 and 10. We have used our knowledge of multiples to solve repeated addition sums. Please help your child continue to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s so that they are confident and consistent .  Help your child use their knowledge of multiples to solve some repeated addition sums. 

Y1 Half Term Project - Help your child make a model of a Castle.

Click on the document below for some more details and ideas. 

We hope you enjoy your half term, stay safe and have fun! 

Home Learning - 2.2.18 - Fractions - Finding 1/2 of a set of objects, shapes and quantity.

Year One Spring Curriculum 2018

Home Learning 17.11.17 - Daily Routine

Home Learning - 10.11.17

Home Learning - 3.11.17

Please help your child learn to spell the words that have been sent home this week. 

The spellings for this week are:

you, come, your, they, where

Encourage your child to practise writing the words in a sentence in their new Home Learning book (purple book). 

Please bring the book back to school on Friday 10th November 2017 for a chance for children to share the work they have done with their class. 

Y1 Autumn Curriculum Letter 2017

Spellings - Friday 13th October 2017

Please help your child learn to spell the words that have been sent home this week. 

The spellings for this week are:

of, says, are, was, were, is 

Home learning – 29.9.17

In Year 1, children will be doing lots of phonics work to help them with their spellings. They will also be learning to spell Common Exception Words (sometimes called tricky words). These are words commonly found in the English language which do not follow the phonic rules that have been taught so far.

Please help your child learn to spell the words that have been sent home this week. We will be giving you a new list of spellings each week to practise at home.

The spellings for this week are:

the, do, to, today, said

Practise reading and spelling the Year 1 Common Exception words

Home Learning 22.9.17

The Home Learning for Year One this week is to create a special memory box. We are asking children to bring in a box which includes a photo of them as a baby and something that is special to them. E.g.  an old favourite toy or book that they enjoyed when they were younger.

Your child can bring in their memory box by Tuesday 26th September 2017. The children will share their special memory box with the class and discuss changes during our History session.

Please ensure not to send in anything that is too delicate or valuable. 

Stunning Start 20.9.17 - I Get Around!


World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March 2017 everyone at Gordon Primary School will be celebrating World Book Day. We are asking the children to think about their favourite book and dress up as a character from it. Year One’s Home Learning is to begin to plan and make a costume that they can wear to school on World Book Day. There is no need to buy props or a costume, it is far more fun to make them at home.


Dear Parents/Carers,

As part of Year One’s topic ‘Tiaras, Turrets and Tales’ the children are making an eye mask for Sleeping Beauty. Next week the children will be sewing. If you would like to join us and support the children as they learn to sew with a needle and thread we will would be very grateful for your help.

1ED- Tuesday 31st January from 10am.

1EP- Friday the 3rd February from 10am.

Please let a Year One staff member know if you are able to come into class to help the children.

The Home Learning for Year One this week is to look around your home for fabric that you could use to make an eye mask. Your child can bring in their fabric on Monday 30th January.

Thank you,

The Year One Team

Home Learning 20.1.17

This week we have looked at lots of paintings of dreams. Your Home Learning is to keep a dream diary. You could write about the dreams you remember, or you could draw or paint them. We will talk about our dreams on Friday 27th January.

Curriculum letter for Year One’s Spring Topic- Tiaras, Turrets and Tales.

100 Square. Please use this to help your child count and recognise numbers to 100.

Year One Common Exception Words Home Learning 13.1.17

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) (6-10 Version)

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) (song for kids about adding doubles 1-5)

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).

Autumn term curriculum letter

Home learning 23.9.16

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