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1TA's Photo Gallery

Here in 1TA we enjoy learning and celebrating new things in our classroom.

We hope you enjoy watching us grow, learn and experience new things with our friends this year. 

Science Week 2018


Sports Day 2018

'It's Alive!' stunning start - 17th May 2018

On Thursday morning we were surprised to see our classroom transformed into a place where everything was alive! We spent the morning learning about descidious and evergreen trees. We also looked at animals and plants. We went on a hunt around school to see if we could find things that were alive. In the afternoon we were lucky enough to go on a nature walk around South Park. Thank you to the parents who were able to join us at the park.  

Art- Marc Chagall

This term we are learning about an artisit called Marc Chagall. Chagall was famous for creating art that many people felt looked like dreams. We spent time discussing our dreams and used these ideas when creating our own Marc Chagall inspired pictures. We used oil pastels, drawing pencils and wax crayons to create our art. We will be adding a blue wash and will expriement with watercolour paint next week to finish off our masterpieces. 

We enjoyed looking at everyones art together and saying what we liked and why. 

Maths - Measuring Length and Height

This week in Maths we were learning about measure. At the start of the week we were comparing the length/heights of objects and using the key words - longer than/shorter than/longest/shortest. We then moved on to using cubes to find the length of objects. Finally, at the end of the week we began to use rulers to find a more accurate way of measuring the length of objects around the room and outside. 

Visit to the Tower of London - Thursday 22nd March 2018

Sports Relief 2018

History role play - Life of a Page

World Book Day 2018 - Friday 9th March 2018

'Tiger in a Tropical Storm' by Henri Rousseau inspired art

This week in art we looked at a famous painting by Henri Rousseau. We were inspired to create our own 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm' art. First we sketched our drawings and then we used oil pastels to add colour. It got a little messy but we had fun!

See if you can spot our hidden tigers!

Numbers Day 2018

On Friday 2nd February we celebrated Numbers Day. It was fantastic seeing all the number inspired outfits everyone wore. We had fun playing math games, doing number activities and even some cooking! Thank you to all of those that donated a £1 and even more to the NSPCC.

This week we learnt about an artist called Jackson Pollock. We worked together to create our very own 'Jackson Pollock' inspired art.

Well done to our first ever Silver Award winner! We are so proud of you!

We had fun eating, dancing and playing with our present from Santa!

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