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The Royal Wedding

In case you have not heard, Prince Harry got married to the American actress Meghan Markle! 

Like the rest of the nation, we were very happy and very excited for them. In preparation for the Royal Wedding, we came into school dressed in our royal attire. We also designed a wedding dress for Meghan and a wedding suit for Prince Harry. At the end of the day, we had a huge picnic in the playground with the whole school! Year 4 provided us with some beautiful music, our teachers loved dancing to their drumming.

End of Spring Term

To celebrate the end of the spring term we had an Easter egg hunt for our fabulous finish. We made our own baskets to put all our eggs in. Our teachers then hid chocolate eggs around our play area and we had so much fun hunting for them.

World Book Day

We were dissapointed when World Book Day was cancelled due to bad weather but we were excited once again when it was moved to the 9th of March! We had a lot of fun showing off our costumes in assembly and we even got to read with our mums and dads. It was funny to see our teachers dressed up too.

Maths Stay and Play

On the 27th February 2018, we enjoyed having our parents over to show them how we learn Maths. We had different activities set up around the classroom and showed our parents how Maths is learnt in Reception.

Numbers Day

To raise money for the NSPCC, we dressed up in numbers.

Spring Term Stunning Start

Our topic this term is Rock, Paper, Scissors. For our stunning start, we built dens with our parents.

Stay and Play

Jolly Phonics A-Z Alphabet Song


We got to dress up for Children in Need.


Our Stunning Start

This term our topic is "It's all About Me!". For our Stunning Start, we dressed up in our traditional clothes. We enjoyed talking about our different outfits and doing activities based around being ourselves.


Day Glow Day

Day Glow Day is a day where we get to dress up in bright clothes. Now that it is getting dark early, we need to make sure we can be seen at all times to stay safe.

We loved dressing up in our bright clothes.

Rock Steady Music School assembly

On Wednesday 5th July, the children (and adults!) enjoyed a visit from Tommy, a trained musician from Rock Steady Music School.

Tommy taught the children all about the electric guitar,  electric drums and electric keyboard. He played each instrument while the children screamed, sang and clapped along. 

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed rocking out with Tommy and if your child has been inspired by this experience we hope you take advantage of any future opportunities involving Rock Steady at our school. 

Home learning - 3rd February 2017

Next week children will be taking part in School Council elections. Talk to your child about voting. Would they like to be on the School Council? Talk about the skills they would need e.g. confidence, good at sharing ideas and communicating.

We had lots of fun at the Christmas party!

Christmas performance

The Solar System Song

Autumn Term Curriculum Letter

Rocket Launch to the Moon - Stunning Start

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